Wikidata Sends Goodies!!

Written by Pragun

So I received a surprise by snail mail today! I remember Lydia telling me that there was going to be something coming my way but I sort of imagined that it would be a Wikidata T-shirt. Well it wasn't just that!!

Wikidata Goodies

T-shirts, badges, stickers, lanyards, baggage tags, erasers, postcards, pencils AND notebooks. The best part is that card, signed by everybody at the Wikidata team and a little note that says, “Thank you for your GSoC work :)”, which I really wasn't expecting to receive! Thanks a ton guys, it's a wonderful gesture and I really really really appreciate it.

So coooool! This is the first time I've received goodies from any open source organisation and it feels so awesome! :D I guess they‘ve sent me all this stuff because I told them that we’re planning the next big JIIT Open Source Developers Conference soon we always need goodies.

I‘m going to carry the stuff to the next OSDC meeting and I’m already sure that they're going to be thrilled. Three cheers to Wikidata!

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